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The Mind Leads, the Body Follows

Posted in Marathon Training by gpdrums on December 22, 2008

I am now 25% closer to achieving this week’s goal, and I have achieved more than 1% of my overall goal.

I started my run a little later than I planned. I awoke at 0545 sans shoes but ready to run. My wife said, “You’re gonna run? It’s pouring outside.” My reply: “Rain or shine!” Famous last words from yesterday’s post.

Visualizing the big finish

Visualizing the big finish

I opened the door to a light drizzle. I was pumped–I had been psyching myself up to begin my training for a couple of weeks. I started my 30 minute run/walk at a decent jogging pace for a guy my size. I felt really good. My very first thought, for real, was

the mind leads, the body follows… I’m doing this to prove I can do it…

One thing I purposefully did not do was to plan my route. If I was running a set distance, I would have done this, but since this was a time run, I just took off away from my house–out for 15 minutes, turn around, and back home. I just don’t like to have a set path–I want my route to be a little spontaneous to keep things interesting. Once I’m running for distance I will map out several 3 and 4 mile routes and decide which one to take at the moment I hit the pavement.

I alternated running and walking according to my heart rate and my breathing pattern. Since my body is not used to running–it’s been a long time–and since I’m on a run/walk schedule, it occurred to me that I might as well work on proper form and breathing while running. I mean, why bother doing this if I’m not going to do it right? So, I’ll be using these time runs over the next few weeks to monitor and improve my form and breathing. I believe those will go a long way in helping me achieve my medium range goal of running the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon.

Toward the end of my run I said to myself out loud,

Although you’re heavy, you’ve got to be light on your feet; in time, you’ll get lighter, but then, on you feet you’ll be lighter still.

I don’t know if there is anything profound about that; I’m just a noob marathoner, but it helped me stay focused on my form and it gave me a little surge of energy as my run was coming to a close.

The last leg of my run was exhilarating. I could see the finish line. I saw my family cheering me on. I picked up the pace even though it caused my breathing to get a little off.  The morning San Diego sun and the light ocean breeze was calming, bringing back incredible memories of my youth and being home-ported at Naval Station 32nd Street… I pushed a little harder and crossed the finish line with a huge smile on my face…


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