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My Goal is to Finish the Marathon

Posted in Marathon Training by gpdrums on December 23, 2008

Rest day!

As planned, I took a day off from running. One day on and the next day off might seem a little strange, but I’m not a stranger to over-training. A few years ago I was heavy into running and weight-lifting, and I learned the hard way that pushing too hard, for me anyway, is not worth it. Thus, I’m following a 23 week training plan to enter my first marathon, and I have no intentions of over-doing it.

My Goal for San Diego on May 31, 2009

My Goal for San Diego on May 31, 2009

My goal for this marathon is to simply finish the race. I thought about trying to push for a four hour time, but 4 hours is NOT my goal–I’ll save that for a presumed future marathon. So, my training schedule is designed for a beginning marathon runner. You won’t see me sprinting up any hills in the next 5 months, and unlike what is suggested from the below quote by Robert Byrne, I will finish the race.

There are two kinds of people, those who finish what they start and so on.

My goal of simply finishing the marathon (without being re-routed) is important to realize because today I had the thought that anyone with marathon experience might read this blog and think I was in over my head or even trying to do something too big. Worse, someone with no experience might get inspired and attempt to do the same thing when they have no business attempting 26.2 miles. The thing is, I know me; I know my body; I know my limitations; and I’m acutely aware of implications of what I’m doing.

Furthermore, I spend a fair amount of time researching, studying, and learning as much as I can. I try to flood my mind with images of my endeavor, regardless of what it is. When I was body building, it was muscle mags, before and after pictures, studying nutrition and LEGAL performance enhancing substances, and so on. When I was learning web development, it was books, videos, picking apart websites, talking to others, and having a mentor.

I need a running mentor and partner, and at the appropriate time, I will have one. My successes all through life are hugely attributed to surrounding myself with anything and anyone that will positively influence the outcome I am after. This is a fundamental key to success in every aspect of life. Bottom line, I will finish the marathon.


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