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Marathon Shoe Upgrade

Posted in Marathon Training by gpdrums on December 25, 2008

I am now 75% closer to achieving this week’s goal, and I have achieved 3% of my overall goal.

Merry Christmas! Mrs. Santa brought me the shoe upgrade I wanted. My 4 year old Nike Airs have now been replaced by a pair of Asics SN707’s–size 13. I don’t know enough about running shoes to know if these are ideal, but I do know they are designed for the road or the gym, and they are a lot more supportive than my worn out Nikes. I’ll have to keep researching and trying shoes out as time goes on, but I’m a happy runner for now.

This is what Mrs. Santa brought me.

This is what Mrs. Santa brought me.

Well today’s run did not start out at 0545. Heck! I didn’t even go to bed until 1:30 or 2:00 a.m. Santa had to visit. We awoke at about 9:00 and did our Christmas with the boys, played video games, messed around, and relaxed. I knew at some point I was gonna have to get off my duff and do my run.

Finally, at 2 p.m. I decided to go try out my Asics. I did my scheduled 30 minute run/walk, again running more than walking; I’m only 9 runs away from no more run/walks, so I’m trying to build up my endurance. Tough on little sleep, Mexican food for dinner the night before, and Tahoe Brunch for breakfast. But I did it.

Instead of doing an out and back run, I decided to do a full loop. Unfortunately, my built in GPS system mislead me and I ended doing almost 40 minutes run/walk–I guess that makes up for not realling feeling up to it today. But despite the poor diet, lack of sleep, and slight head-cold, the run went well and I felt like a million bucks afterword.

I swear, 99% of the reason why I felt so good is because I stuck to my plan.

The wind was blowing, people were driving like idiots, and big drops of scattered rain fell around me, but I have a marathon for which to train. I again focused on form, pace, and proper breathing. It was a little harder today, and I’ve felt better and performed better, but I did what I needed to do today, and that is all that matters. I’m that much closer to my goal, too.

Just prior to my run, my wife asked me what her and the boys were supposed to do while I was running the marathon in San Diego. I’d done my homework, so I told her she could drop me off, I’d shuttle to the start village, she could get the boys, park the car, shuttle to MCRD, and wait for me at the spot designated by the first letter of our last name. I think my wife is starting to see that I’m serious about doing this–I don’t think she doubted my resolve, but I don’t think she expected me to have such a thorough answer to her question.

I capped off the answer to my wife with I’m doing this do prove I can do it… The mind leads, the body follows. Then I took off for my run.


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