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Staying Sharp

Posted in Marathon Training by gpdrums on December 26, 2008

Today is an off day for me–a good thing considering this head-cold I’ve been dealing with. I’m hoping it doesn’t worsen or get into my chest. I’m trying to stay hydrated and rested the best I can. I actually went to the office this morning, but I was encouraged to go home–not much happening in the business world today.

I took a little time to surf some more running sites today. This is probably one of the most important things for me to do to stay inspired and encouraged. When I read someone else’ story of victory and read about the lessons they learned along the way, it helps me know that I’m not alone–it is also a good measure of whether or not I’m doing things the right way. I want to start reaching out to some of these marathoners who have gone before me so I can ask questions and glean from their experience.

I know the San Diego Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon is etching itself deep into my sub-conscious. For the last several nights I’ve been dreaming about it. I keep seeing myself running along the Balboa Park area… I keep seeing Petco Park near down town… Fashion Valley, Mission Bay, and Sea World… I keep seeing the U.S.S. Recruit at the old Recruit Training Center on the other side of the Marine Corp Recruit Depot. I love San Diego–the stomping grounds of my late teens and early 20’s–I can’t wait to go there and finish my first marathon.


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