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Posted in Marathon Training by gpdrums on December 29, 2008

Today began week 2.

phil4131I’m still dealing with this stupid head-cold, but it felt awesome to get out for an early morning run. I’m in a pre-training phase right now, as I have not done any serious running for probably 6 months. So today was a 35 minute run/walk–I did about 2 1/2 miles mostly running, and I noticed my form is already improving. It’s a little embarrassing to post such low mileage considering a light run for most runners probably exceeds 5 miles, but I’ll be there soon enough.

One of the things that absolutely impresses me about the human body is that the more you work it, the more efficient it becomes. I mean, a mere week ago, I didn’t go very far in the allotted 30 minutes and it was about 50% running and 50% walking. And today my 35 minutes was about 85% running and 15% brisk walking.

I don’t have a method to measure precisely, but I have a pretty good idea what i did. I’m not overly concerned about it in this pre-training stage because in a matter of two weeks, or after 7 more run/walks, it will be strictly running. I’ll maintain 20 to 40 minute runs for a month before I hit the 16 week marathon training schedule. Even that will be relatively simple for the first couple of weeks–my long run then will be 4 and 5 miles respectively for weeks 1 and 2.

No matter, I’m enjoying my runs despite some tremendous pressures I’m facing in my personal life. My wife is having a major surgery next Monday and we will be moving in a month or so. Then there’s kids,  work, and the little surprises that make every day interesting. But, these are just part of life, and running certainly is a good way to stay focused while dealing with any given situation. In the end, for me anyway, it’s about finishing the marathon–finishing what I started–and proving I can do it.


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