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The Breath of Life

Posted in Marathon Training by gpdrums on December 31, 2008

I’m at 50% of this week’s goal.

I had a great run this morning–about 2.5 miles in 35 minutes. My pace is improving, my endurance is improving, and my form is improving. I’ve eliminated a few incidences of lower back pain I had experienced last week by taking time to stretch my lower back before and after my runs. Anyway, this morning was great: I ran the first 16 minutes, walked for two minutes, continued running, and walked a total of 3 more minutes; thus, I ran 86% and walked 14%.

Toward the last 10 minutes of my run I started getting a little tired. I started thinking about random stuff. In a flash, in pops to my mind the Navy Seal David Goggins. This guy is not only a hero, he’s an ultra-marathoner. When he started running he was at 280 lbs–just look at his pictures on his website. What an inspiration David is. More so, he talks about pushing through the pain. The more I thought about him, the faster I started running. This guy totally pushed me.

As my breathing became a little more pronounced, I thought push through the pain… keep it going… I almost quit running so I could catch my breath. Then I thought about my daddy. He died just 2 months ago after 9 years of emphysema and COPD. My dad couldn’t breathe very well.

A week before he died, he had been hospitalized for a few days. My sisters and I had all traveled to see him and mom. At one point, I remember, the 5 of us were together in the hospital room… it was the first time it was just us 5 in probably 25 years… Within a couple of days we had to return to our homes and families. Dad was released to go home. We thought everything fine, especially because over the next few days we chatted with dad frequently–always saying I love you… Dad kept expressing his appreciation that we had all made the trip to see him… He said,

Thanks for coming son, it means a lot to me, and I’m proud of you…

It was if dad knew something we didn’t. Dad went home to be with the Lord while sleeping… he just stopped breathing…

As I run, I will praise God for the breath of life.


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