GPdrums || Marathon Drummer

The Marathoner

My inspiration!

GPdrums “The Marathoner” is a new chapter in my life.

Now, by nature, I’m a goal-oriented guy, and I’ve learned over the years that a big, challenging goal is rewarding on more levels than one can possibly imagine or realize ahead of time.

I do not want to be accused of “tooting my own horn”, but please allow me lay the groundwork of my goal-oriented nature:

  1. My dad passed away November 1, 2008. He taught me to finish what I start, do my best, and do it right or don’t do it at all. I try.
  2. My dad was in the Navy and I wanted to be in the Navy, too. He was a Storekeeper and I wanted to be a Storekeeper. I did it.
  3. My dad retired from law enforcement–I wanted to be a cop like him, but a minor medical circumstance kept that from happening. I went to work at a prison, instead, which is pretty close. In some respects, I did it.
  4. I wanted to be a professional drummer in a Christian rock band from the time I was in 2nd grade. I did it.
  5. I wanted to become good enough with computers to help other people. I did it, and I eventually left 11 years of prison work to be a full-time nerd.
  6. I wanted to become good at web design and web development. I did it.
  7. I wanted to finish my college education. I went back to school at 35 and  graduated at age 37.
  8. I wanted to work in the corporate world, so I side-lined my business and became a marketer for a really neat company.

There is a lot more stuff I’m leaving out: I wanted a wife and children, I wanted to travel and revisit some international destinations later in life that I had visited while a little younger, and I wanted to be an IT Administrator. I did all those things, too.

But, there’s something I want to do by age when I’m 40…

…I want to run a marathon.


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